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Advanced Carbon and Energy Management and Eco-design Platform for Urban Districts


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Established on enormous successes of the UK and Chinese partners on eco-city and energy systems research and design, i.e., carbon prediction & management tool developed by NPS-H, energy & eco-design tools developed by UHULL, big-data and cloud-computing expertise established at CABR-SZ, and urban/district planning experience held by GDUT, the proposed UK-Guangdong collaborative project will develop an advanced cloud-computing platform for urban/district energy & carbon management and eco-design, comprising (1) fossil fuel energy consumption evaluation and saving implementation tool; (2) carbon emission prediction & reduction strategy development tool; and (3) renewable energy and eco-design tool. This will enable the smart urban/district planning and energy systems design, evaluation and management, thus achieving around 25% of fossil fuel energy saving, 30% of carbon emission reduction, and 10% increase in renewable energy application. Wide use of the platform licenses across Guangdong & China will create an innovation-driven business with annual turnover of 50m CNY, thus generating significant economic and social benefits to both China and the UK.

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